About June Stone

My journey to find balance in my world and experience a trusting and inspiring life…developed from experiencing a series of struggles during my childhood and being told by a psychologist that I had no sense of identity and no self-worth.

At the age of 34, with three failed marriages and reaching a very low point in my life, I made some important decisions that involved actively making a conscious effort to discover ME. This journey has transformed my struggles and given meaning and purpose to my life. The journey has equipped me with compassion, sensitivity and a deep understanding of the kind of struggles many people face.

Growing up in a large family, with parents that were strict, emotionally distant and unavailable was an early foundation for feeling alone, disempowered and confused. Family struggles included alcohol abuse, harsh corporal punishment and some years in social welfare. Personal struggles included “intellectual” memories of sexual violation at different times in my developing years and my adult life. The full extent of the “emotional trauma” was eventually revealed to me after number of hypnosis sessions, which finally helped me to understand some of the reasons for my feelings of anxiety, and a personal life story of struggle, confusion, emotional emptiness and relationship challenges.

My unhappy experiences were to become the “fuel” that propelled me into many years of personal self-development, learning and empowerment. Initially, I had no idea where this journey would take me and I learned many years later, people who come from dysfunctional family lives very often struggle to articulate what they want for themselves as they have little or no sense of personal boundaries/personal values.

I definitely knew that I wanted to be more discerning about the choices I had been making for myself!

I also learned to transform the courage that I developed over 10 years of long-distance running, successfully completed 9 Comrades marathons and this became a new foundation for me to set goals and experience a great sense of achievement and a new belief in myself.

My 21 years in the Corporate World as a Training Consultant provided knowledge and practical skills in Coaching and Interpersonal Skills

My Body Coaching experience has developed over 12 years as a Personal Trainer in my private fitness studio. My knowledge and practical experience has revealed how people that lead busy stressful lives disconnect from their bodies and treat their body as a machine…leading to low energy levels, unexplained pain in different parts of the body and compromised immune systems. I have combined some aspects of my hypnosis training into coaching my clients to mindfully reconnect to the “magic” our bodies have to offer, for healing and being more focussed on living an amazing and resourceful life.

Today, I look back on many years of hard work, study, research and most especially the courage I came to experience in myself to heal the deep emotional pain buried within me. I learned how and why so many adults have no “voice” to express this emotional pain and as a result, struggle with addictions, bad habits, unhappy relationships and unfulfilling lives because they have been told to “get over yourself and move on…leave the past in the past”.

I have learned that when a compassionate person and a safe space is available, this deep emotional pain can finally be expressed/understood and the healing begins. I have also learned that some people don’t want to feel this emotional pain and yet still want to experience a happier more fulfilling life…it is possible to achieve the emotional healing, using very gentle techniques that will give you back the personal power to make choices that are right for you.

My qualifications

  • Coaching for Success (Meta Skills) 2003
  • Meta-NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) 2003
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) 2007 and 2012
  • Hypnosis Techniques (South African Institute of Hypnotism) 2010-2012
  • Member of the South African Institute of Hypnotism

Educational qualifications

  • 1969: Matric Certificate - Parktown Girls High
  • 1994 - 1996: Transport Management diploma - Rand Afrikaans University
  • 2001 - 2002: Wits University - Wits Plus Part-time studies for BA
    1. Subjects: 2001 - Psychology I - Merit Award shared jointly for most outstanding student on the Wits Plus part time degree programme in 2001
    2. 2002 - Psychology II - I experienced notable success in facilitating personal awareness programmes for non-managerial staff, using the Transactional Analysis model to explore attitudes towards diversity, communication styles, business/personal relationships and emotional intelligence
  • In January 2004 After leaving the corporate world, I started my own Wellness centre as a Personal Trainer/ Wellness coach, serving a niche market of private clients. I developed a program entitled “Journey to Wholeness”, which explores individual people’s attitude to and knowledge about wellness and provides a platform for people to take their “own Journey to Wholeness”
  • In January 2010 I modified this program to “It’s Never Too Late To Have An Amazing Life”, that embraces Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness/Wholeness
  • Endurance running - participated in the Comrades Marathon from 1991 - 1999. I have successfully completed 8 marathons
  • Personal trainer (Reebok Institute) 2004
  • Pilates (Equilibrium) 2006
  • Aroma therapy and Tai Massage techniques 2007
  • Nia Dance exercise 2007

My Community Commitment

I believe in being an active member of the community and volunteer at Champions for Change, a small non profit company started up in June 2014 by two sisters, both professionals and experts in their field for women and children who need support and healing after any traumatic event, be it domestic violence, muggings, rape, high-jacking, violent housebreak-ins.