Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension associated with symptoms of tension. It is different to fear as fear is a response to perceived present danger. When fear occurs inappropriately anxiety can escalate and a panic attack can occur. People who have experienced childhood abuse and trauma are more likely to experience frequent or generalised anxiety or panic attacks than those who haven’t.

Panic attacks occur when an individual experiences a sudden period of intense fear or discomfort, in which four or more of the following symptoms rapidly develop:

  • palpitations/ pounding heart or racing heart

  • sweating

  • trembling

  • feeling of choking or trouble breathing

  • chest pain or discomfort

  • nausea or abdominal distress

  • feeling dizzy or faint

  • feelings of unreality or of being detached from oneself

  • fear of losing control or going crazy

  • fear of dying