Depression: A different approach

Depression is often described as a serious mental illness caused by the brain not producing enough “feel good chemicals” and is influenced by other factors such as genetics, stress, grief and challenging life circumstances.

Various symptoms linked to depression are anxiety, worry, a feeling of hopelessness, tiredness, sleep disturbances, weight gain/loss and difficulty concentrating.

Medication is often administered to help reduce these symptoms, but many people report a feeling of emotional flatness rather than feeling hopeful and mentally focussed.

Many people experiencing these type of symptoms want relief and yet would prefer to find solutions other than medication and the potential side-effects.

So, let’s look at depression with a methodology based on the studies and teachings of Mark Tyrell and Roger Elliott of the Uncommon Practitioners based in the United Kingdom:

“What we are seeing are changes in society where basic needs for companionship, healthy goals, responsibility, connection to others and meaning are not being met…it is a fact that we all have basic emotional needs that must be met for us to thrive and enjoy life. Without exception we find that depressed people are not getting these needs met.

Depressed people everywhere think in remarkably similar ways, such as “all or nothing” and “black and white” with a negative bias to these thinking styles. This in turn may result in negative emotional arousal, worry and ongoing rumination. Understanding what these thinking styles are why they form a pattern, is a major key to beating depression”.

I can assist you in understanding the cycle of depression and how it affects your mind and your body. Many half truths commonly aired in magazines, news and well meaning friends contribute to the idea that overcoming depression is hard and that you will have this for life. My goal is to assist you in lifting the depression with tried and tested methods like teaching you to relax an exhausted mind and body; reframing current thinking patterns; learning to understand what your emotional needs and what your emotions are telling you and so much more…

In the words of Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions, “Depression is an ingenious (albeit overwhelming) movement in the psyche that takes you out of commission for crucial reasons. It’s important to understand the difference between despair, which arises when your natural sadness has become blocked or trapped – and depression, which is a cyclical and unresolving movement through any number of blocked or overemphasized emotions. Depression arises in response to exterior and interior conflicts that destabilize your psyche, and while it can be crushingly disruptive, depression has a vital healing purpose”

Depression is human sadness about SELF; about life itself or circumstances that impact our sense of SELF…Sadness is a healthy emotion that has a purpose, which is to bring you back to yourself …feeling hopeful and focussed on aligning you to your true unique healthy self.

When administering medication or suppressing healthy emotions, you lose the ability to return to your unique healthy SELF.