Phobias are an intense fear of something specific and yet irrational as the fear “symbolically attaches” itself to an object or a situation that causes little or no real danger. Phobias are very common such as fear of flying, fear of enclosed spaces, fear of heights, fear of crowds, fear of spiders, snakes and worms as a few examples.

The physiology of phobias is much the same as that of the “fight, flight” stress response when the body goes into “high alert” and intense feelings of anxiety, loss of control and panic are experienced. The phobia will usually have its origins in a fearful experience that is only activated at a later stage in your life (weeks, months, years) sometimes by the most unusual trigger.

Phobias are often caused in childhood, where the child experiences a real fear, but the mind manages to detach (or repress) the feeling of terror, from the situation that caused it.

You, the client to learn how not to be phobic in the presence of that stimulus, by de-conditioning of the old fear/ stress response with some very simple and effective NLP techniques.