Life Coaching

Coaching is a popular application for Hypnosis and NLP techniques. The intention is to assist you to solve one or more problems, create and discover outcomes for your goals and to provide processes for you to organise your thoughts and “feelings experience” to achieve your goals (outcomes)

A coaching session needs a framework in which to operate and we use my SUCCESS formula to give you direction and focus to prepare for our session:

Sense of direction – dreams and desires can be hard for people to change into meaningful goals when they are focussed on their problems – we work together to move away from the problem and find a solution that will bring dreams and desires to positive outcomes.

Understanding your history, culture, parents, teachers, religion and the influence this has on developing your negative habits and emotional states, will give you valuable insight into your limiting beliefs and problems that you have not been able to resolve yet.

Connection to your ‘inner self’ offers you a calm and powerful “inner resourcefulness” of wisdom and problem solving abilities.

Choices – become more confident when you explore options that give you the power to make new choices based on a thorough assessment/re-evaluation of your past experiences/beliefs/opinions and create new thinking, feeling and behaving patterns.

Emotional Intelligence – gain insight into the magic available when you learn about the important messages your emotions are communicating to you; develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity for yourself and the people around you when you resolve chronic fear, anger and guilt and embrace healthy fear, anger and guilt.

Significance – embrace the feeling and knowledge that you are unique, important, valued and special, especially when you resolve your old negative beliefs and opinions about yourself and the world around you.

Service – be happy and relaxed and feel motivated to make a contribution to others according to your personal values. Pass on your gifts of learning and understanding to support vulnerable people.


“Thanks very much for Saturday. It was an empowering experience and I took away tools I have already used to assist me on my journey! I find your love and warmth contagious and uplifting and as soon as I am in a financial position to do so, I will make another visit to you in the hope that we can continue the work! Blessings, love and light to you!”

T.vd Walt

“I got a lot of value out of our journey together and really appreciated how engaged you are in your clients, it really makes a difference! I wish you all the very best.”


“Wow. I am astonished that it’s all so simple. Suddenly it’s all so clear to me. I was hypnotised for 1 hour and it felt like 5 minutes. I could see details very clearly. I could hear the sounds, the colours just like I was there.”


“June, I have no words to describe how I am feeling right now other than “so excited and alive” about life. Thank you for who you are and what you do…”