(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming

Helping you change from a ‘problem state’ to a ‘resourceful state’

This term holistically summarizes the mind-body connection between language (words, symbols, etc.) and neurology. It specifies how our neurology (nervous system and brain develop neural pathways) processes language and thereby responds to the language we use to describe our personal reality.

NLP is the study of subjective experience using patterns of excellence surrounding personal communication

Attention to the patterns surrounding communicated content allows us to observe the patterns that inform the language used to express the content, which means we can observe the nonverbal elements of communication. This includes the context, time frames, outcomes and intentions for the communication. There is valuable information to be learned by attending to peoples communication patterns and therefore provides an indication of a person’s beliefs and values – especially when talking about the ‘problems states’ that need solutions”.

The choice of words a person uses gives indications of how they are thinking as well as the depth and breadth of their vocabulary. Sensory specific words relating to sight, hearing and feeling reveal sequences of thought and non-sensory words describe a reader’s own experience and meaning.

And this begins to explain the seemingly magical effects that can occur within our “thoughts,” “feelings,” and “body” through the use of specific words that describe firstly, how you currently experience the problem and secondly how you are going to experience the positive changes you wish to experience.

This means our one important goal is to move toward an ‘outcome’, which focuses on something positive for you, rather than “problem thinking” which focuses on “what’s wrong; what you don’t want; want to avoid”

You can learn to change your internal reality as well as develop new neural pathways that keep this new positive change active. With your commitment and ongoing focus on the positive outcomes you want for yourself, the neural pathways strengthen and you feel the effects of the positive changes: bringing you focus, inner strength, confidence, joy, fulfillment, calm control and the list goes on…


“Thanks very much for Saturday. It was an empowering experience and I took away tools I have already used to assist me on my journey! I find your love and warmth contagious and uplifting and as soon as I am in a financial position to do so, I will make another visit to you in the hope that we can continue the work! Blessings, love and light to you!”

T.vd Walt

“I got a lot of value out of our journey together and really appreciated how engaged you are in your clients, it really makes a difference! I wish you all the very best.”


“Wow. I am astonished that it’s all so simple. Suddenly it’s all so clear to me. I was hypnotised for 1 hour and it felt like 5 minutes. I could see details very clearly. I could hear the sounds, the colours just like I was there.”


“June, I have no words to describe how I am feeling right now other than “so excited and alive” about life. Thank you for who you are and what you do…”